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☑️ Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward?


☑️ Think you need a bit of guidance from the Universe?


☑️ Want to feel more confidence in your path & purpose?


Let’s face it, we’re all looking for answers in these unprecedented times. 


Imagine having the power to ask your spirit guides anything you wanted, anytime you wanted— and actually receiving immediate and crystal clear answers! 


It’s possible for anyone. I mean ANYONE. And, it’s actually easier than you think. In fact, you’re already receiving messages. You just may not recognize them (yet). 


Because we're all born with the innate ability to connect with the spiritual realm. It’s just that most of us just forgot as we grew up that we had this power at our fingertips.


The good news is that everyone has the power to re-activate their cosmic connection. And I’m going to show you just how easy it can be!

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Thanks for joining the Intuition Activation Workshop!

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Over the course of this 3-day workshop, I’ll share with you:


⚡️ What spirit guides are

⚡️ How you might already be experiencing them

⚡️ Easy & practical ways to connect with your guides anytime


You’ll also get a chance to meet and communicate with your spirit guides through a channeled meditation and some fun, exploratory exercises. Plus, there will be a session on day three dedicated to answering all of your questions about what we covered. Seriously, ask me anything! 


Connecting to our guides is a powerful resource that we all have access to, and I am determined to show everyone how to do it!  


So, if you’re ready to ACTIVATE YOUR INTUITION…Join me in my private pop-up Facebook group. I’ll be going LIVE in the group May 24-26th at 9:00 am PST (12:00 pm EST) and the recordings will be posted for replay if you can’t make it live.


But you MUST register at my website to get access to the private Facebook group!

So much love & light,




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