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Calling All Intuitives, Channelers, Light Workers, Psychics, Mediums, & Energy Healers!

Have you always felt intuitive but aren't exactly sure how to harness your gifts?


Do you feel like there’s a purpose connected to your intuitive abilities?


Are you ready to amplify and refine your skills so that you feel confident enough to share them with others?

Intuitive Power Master Program (1).png

Welcome to the Intuitive Power Mastery Program – an 12-week journey meant to develop your intuitive gifts so that you can create profound transformations in the lives of others.

Imagine enhancing your innate intuitive talents to become a beacon of guidance and support for those seeking transformation. The Intuitive Power Mastery Program is an intimate yet intensive program designed for a small group of intuitives, empaths, and light workers who know that their unique gifts hold the potential to create a ripple of positive change in the world. 

Are you ready to embark on a life-transforming voyage? 
Apply by August 15th 
to join the next 12-week Intuitive Power Mastery Program
starting September, 2024!
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  • You've always felt a deep connection to your intuitive side – a sixth sense that guides you through life's twists and turns. 

  • You feel a deep sense of purpose connected to your intuitive abilities and know that  they have the potential to create positive change in the world. 

  • You're not just content with having these abilities – you want to DO something with them and build a career around them. 


  • You want a clear vision of how your intuitive gifts support others.

  • You’re ready to align your career path with your passion.

  • You’re seeking a community of like-minded people to connect with on a soul level to help you harness your powers.

what you will learn.png
  • Who your spirit guides are and how you best communicate with them.

  • How to connect to spirit guides, angels, loved ones and all other beings of light that exist.

  • How to develop and strengthen each "clair" sense, and learn to trust your divine downloads.

  •  What your unique intuitive abilities are and how to best access them.

  • How to interpret signs, symbols and messages received from Spirit

  • How to create a channeling practice that really works for you..

  • How to ground and protect yourself.

  • Intuitive lifestyle tips to heighten your abilities

  • How to channel messages for yourself and for others

  • How to astral travel

  • Energy healing

  • How to turn your unique intuitive gifts into an offering for your business.

what's included.png

12 Weeks of Training and Practicals, including​

  • 4 Pre-Recorded Classes with Homework

  • Weekly Dedicated Q+A Time

  • Weekly Small Group Practice Sessions

  • Live Intuitive Training

  • Private Facebook Support Group

  • Guided Meditations

  • Private Practice Sessions with Jessica

  •  Private Channeling Session with Jessica

  • 1:1 and Group Practice with Assigned Mentor

meet your guide.png
Jessica Headshot_Sept 2023.jpg

Hello friends! I'm Jessica, an intuitive spiritual medium who finds pure joy in channeling and communicating with the beautiful beings of light in the spiritual realms. My mission is to help you receive divine guidance from your spirit guides, allowing you to step onto the path of your life's true purpose.

Before stepping into the world of spirituality, my journey took me down a  very different path. I was a dedicated elementary school  teacher, who was passionate about nurturing young minds. Despite the fulfillment of working with children, a persistent inner voice signalled that there was more for me to explore.

For years, I grappled with anxiety and the pressures associated with the education system. Despite the signals, I hesitated to heed my instincts for change. The universe had its own plans. In a whirlwind of events, a car accident and a skiing mishap forced me to take a step back, compelling me to reevaluate my life's direction.

During this time of healing, meditation became my sanctuary. It was in this stillness that I encountered my spirit guides, sparking a newfound passion for spirituality and the exploration of my intuitive abilities.

With mentors by my side and determination in my heart, I soon discovered my ability to channel messages from spirit guides.


Unveiling My True Mission

Through these experiences, I uncovered my life's true mission: to guide others towards their authentic path and purpose. I'm driven by a relentless desire to teach individuals how to communicate with their own spirit guides, for I firmly believe that each person is born with intuitive gifts.

My journey illustrates that if I could unlock these gifts, so can you. Let me guide you into the magical realm of connecting to spirit. Together, we'll unleash the potential within you to receive guidance and discover your life's true purpose.

Welcome to the Intuitive Power Mastery Program, a transformative journey designed to refine your intuitive gifts and guide you towards a life of impact and purpose. With my experience as an intuitive guide, I'm committed to nurturing your growth and helping you unveil your unique abilities. I hope you'll join me on this path.

Yours in Spirit,

Are you ready to embark on a life-transforming voyage? 
Please apply
 by January 28th to join the next 12-week 
Intuitive Power Mastery Program
starting February 4, 2024!
program for you if -2.png
  • Be able to receive clear messages for yourself and others.

  • Know exactly what your intuitive abilities are and how to access them.

  • Have a strongly refined channeling practice and a toolbox of intuitive skills.

  • Have a clear vision of how your unique gifts can serve others.​​

  • Have a tried and tested paid offering that you can put out into the world.

  • Be part of tight knit group of like minded soul sisters!


Caryn Says:


"I decided to take Jessica’s Intuitive Development program to learn more about my own intuition, and how to tap into it more purposefully. I had attended many of Jessica‘s workshops and intuitive circles and always came away expanded in my connection to my intuition. I felt a more focused small group program would greatly improve my ability more quickly.

The biggest thing I learned in Jessica’s Intuitive Development course was self-trust. I learned I was more intuitive than I realized, and I also learned my unique specific ways that I connect to my intuition, and how it informs my thinking, decisions, and instincts. I also made lifelong friends with the other women in my small group, which has been one of the greatest gifts of the program.

Before Jessica’s Intuitive Development program, I wasn’t planning to use what I learned to start an intuitive business, but during the program I learned I had a natural ability to interpret dreams. As I began offering dream interpretation workshops and interpreting dreams for others, I awakened a desire to help others with this gift. I went on to hold workshops, dream circles, book one on one sessions, and start a YouTube channel teaching others how to interpret their dreams. None of this would have happened without Jessica’s Intuitive Development course.

If you want to realize your unique potential and tap into your inner, knowing, to learn how to trust the gut, instinct and deep-seated knowledge, you have, this course is for you. It will help you uncover an inner wisdom you may not have known you have."

Are you ready to embrace your intuitive powers and unlock the potential within?
Apply before August 15th to join the next
12-week Intuitive Power Mastery Program
starting September 2024!

Why do I have to apply?  The Intuitive Power Mastery Program is intended for individuals who are already starting to experience or receive intuitive downloads and simply want mastery over them. Jessica wants to ensure that you are at a place where you are guaranteed to be successful in the program.  


What is the application process? First you will fill out a short form describing your intuitive experiences. Then Jessica will reach out to you to book a complimentary 30-minute session to evaluate your readiness for the program. In this session Jessica will do a short exercise with you to give you a general idea of what participating in the program will look like. Afterwards she will let you know if she feels you are a good candidate or need more practice before beginning the program. Don't delay! The application process will close January 28th.

How many are in the Program? We like to keep the numbers small and intimate, so that you  get plenty of time to practice your skills.  Each cohort is capped at 5 people maximum.

How long is the Program? The program is 12 weeks in total, with the next cohort starting February 4, 2024.


What is the cost of the Program? There are two payment options for your convenience:

  1. A one-time payment of $3,300 USD; or

  2. A $500 USD Deposit plus Twelve (12) weekly payments of $250 USD ($3,500 USD total)


When does the Program start? The Intuitive Power Master Program kicks off in February 4, 2024.


When will the live classes be offered? The class times will be determined by the availability of each participant and the small group cohort they're assigned to. We will do our best to ensure that you can always make it live to each intuitive practice session. 


Will I be able to see spirit guides and receive messages the same way that Jessica does by the end of the Program? Everyone channels messages from spirit differently. By the end of the program, you will know exactly how you receive messages most efficiently and will be able to channel messages both for yourself and for others. 


How do I know if I'm a good fit for this Program? If you are starting to receive random intuitive hits or downloads from your guides but are looking to control when and how those messages come through, this program is a good fit for you. It is strongly suggested that you are comfortable with sitting through guided meditations and dropping into a meditative state.

If you still have questions regarding this program, please email

Are you ready to embrace your intuitive powers and unlock the potential within?
Apply before August 15th
 to join the next
Intuitive Power Mastery Program
starting September, 2024!
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