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12. Real Client Spiritual Guidance Session: Reading with Indra Kelly

Updated: May 17

Welcome to a very special episode of the Intuition Activation podcast, where today, you're in for an extraordinary treat. We often explore the profound impact spiritual guidance reading can have, but how often do you get to witness a real session unfold?   


Today, you'll hear a genuine spiritual guidance reading session I conducted with my dear friend and now colleague, Indra Kelly. Recorded a year ago, this session marks a pivotal moment where Indra, then an actress and model feeling the pull towards energy healing, sought clarity about her path. Fast forward to today, not only has Indra embraced her calling as an energy healer, but she has also joined my team, ready to guide others during my maternity leave.   


In this episode, we'll explore the intuitive revelations and transformative advice from Indra's spirit guides, showcasing her journey from seeking guidance to providing it.   


Join us for a glimpse into the real magic of spiritual alignment and stay tuned for an exciting follow-up interview with Indra next week! 



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