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17. Signs, Symbols, Angel Numbers and Animal Totems

In this episode, we dive into the various types of signs and symbols that you may receive from spirit guides. These signs are not only comforting reminders that you are on the right path, but they also offer specific messages to help guide you through your journey. We discuss the meanings behind angel numbers, common symbols, and animal totems, and how to recognize these signs in your everyday life. 

Show highlights: 

  • Signs, symbols, and synchronicities from spirit guides indicate that you are aligned and supported. 

  • Common signs include angel numbers, specific shapes or symbols, and animal totems. 

  • Angel numbers like 11:11, 222, and 333 have distinct messages:

    • 11:11 signifies spiritual awakening. 

    • 222 emphasizes balance and alignment in life. 

    • 333 encourages creativity. 

  • Look for recurring images or symbols as messages from the universe. 

  • You can ask for signs during meditation and trust the images that come to mind. 

  • Birds and feathers often signify spiritual awakening and messages from loved ones. 

  • Unexpected encounters with animals like possums or specific birds can carry important messages. 


Remember that everything happens for a reason, and signs from the universe are there to guide you. Always thank your spirit guides for the messages to continue receiving new guidance.  

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Sending love and light your way. See you in the next episode! 





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