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18. My Free Birth Story - Unassisted and Breach!

In this heartfelt episode, I share my personal journey of giving birth outside of conventional medical settings, highlighting my experiences, challenges, and the intuitive decisions that shaped my path.  

From my upbringing in a holistic household to the empowering and intimate moments of free birth, I discuss the importance of trusting one's body and intuition in the birthing process. I also touch on the lessons learned from my first birth with medical midwives and how it led me to a more self-directed and fulfilling experience with my second child. 


  • Non-Judgmental Approach: Emphasizing respect for all birth choices and the importance of comfort and ease in the birthing process. 

  • Holistic Upbringing: Discussing how being raised by a chiropractor and homeopath influenced my perspective on conventional medicine. 

  • First Birth Experience: Recounting the challenges faced with medical midwives during my first home birth and the feeling of disempowerment. 

  • Routine Procedures Resistance: Describing the pressure to undergo routine medical procedures and my decision to refuse them. 

  • Empowering Birth Vision: The journey towards envisioning and achieving an empowering birth experience. 

  • Connecting with Intuition: How connecting with my baby and intuition guided me towards a free birth decision. 

  • Free Birth Decision Process: The steps and support systems that led to choosing an unassisted home birth. 

  • Birth Doula and Free Birth Society: Introduction to the Free Birth Society and their influence on my birthing choices. 

  • The Role of My Partner: My husband's supportive role and the preparations we made together for the free birth. 

  • Actual Birth Story: Detailed account of the labor and delivery, including the intimate and powerful moments of birthing my second child. 

  • Post-Birth Experience: Reflecting on the immediate post-birth period, bonding with my baby, and the natural delivery of the placenta. 

  • Final Thoughts: Encouraging listeners to trust their bodies and intuition, and to create birth experiences that feel right for them. 


Tune in to this episode for an intimate look into my birthing journey and the powerful role of intuition in making empowering decisions. 


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