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2. What Are Spirit Guides and How Do They Work?

Today, I dive into the fascinating realm of spirit guides: who they truly are, dispelling common misconceptions, and unveiling the intricate ways they already influence and assist you in your life. Join me as I address the questions frequently asked by clients regarding the nature and presence of their guides.

Show Highlights:

  • Spirit guides- beings of light who are assigned to you.

  • How many spirit guides we have- are there more than one or are they changing shape and form?

  • Sometimes spirit guides have something to do with your most previous incarnation.

  • What my spirit guide looks like.

  • If your spirit guides have names.

  • What your main spirit guide usually talks about and is responsible for.

  • How they guide you, give you the next right step, potential outcomes for future decisions, and how they can predict a subjective future.

  • They can be angels, but not usually unless earth angel.

  • How they work with you: sending intuitive hits downloads, pebbles to boulders, pulling the rug from under you.

  • Free will vs. destiny.

  • How you know your guide is trying to communicate with you but maybe you aren’t listening.



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