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22. Behind the Scenes of a Spiritual Guidance Reading

Welcome back to the Intuition Activation podcast! This week, I'm diving into another popular topic: the behind-the-scenes of a spiritual guidance reading session. I'll share how I prepare, what a reading looks and feels like, the types of questions people ask their guides, and some of the most amazing stories and advice that have come to pass. 


Anatomy of a Spiritual Guidance Reading: 

  • Preparation: Minimal; usually a last-minute affair. 

  • Clearing Space: Light palo santo and sometimes use crystals. 

  • Client Intake: Review client's intention form before the session. 

  • Starting the Session: Brief the client and ease their nerves. 

  • Meditation: Tailored, unplanned visualization and grounding exercises. 

  • Calling in Guides: Finish the meditation before engaging with guides. 

  • Guide Description: Detailed description helps open the channel. 

  • Initial Messages: Guides provide immediate insights and self-care tips. 

  • Body Scan: Guides indicate physical optimizations needed. 

  • Client Questions: Any topic is fair game; from life purpose to specific dilemmas. 

  • Message Delivery: Often comes through as images and a knowing sense. 


Some Crazy Stories That Have Come Through in Sessions

  • Past life of an opera singer validated by historical research. 

  • Client transitioning from a mundane job to an animal medium. 

  • Venture capitalist investing in companies recommended by guides. 

  • Actor taking a role that led to further success. 

  • Children's book author discovering her guide's likeness in her book illustrations. 


That’s all for today's episode, but I’m going to try my best to start taking better notes of these remarkable stories to share more with you in the future. If you have a crazy story from a session with me that came true or something your guides said came to fruition, send me an email or message me on Instagram at @iamjessicarachel. I’d love to have you on the show to share your story! 



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