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25. How Mother's Intuition Might Be The Shortcut You Need to Access Your Spirit Guides

I want to start by saying that this episode does not only apply to mothers; it was just a catchy title. This applies if you are a parent or caretaker of any kind, including pet parents. 

When you are in the care of a non-verbal being such as a baby, young child, or dog, you suddenly have to rely on other senses, like "mother's intuition", to meet their needs without them being directly communicated to you. Often, when one of our senses is hindered, it heightens the others. You could argue that your intuition is your sixth sense; therefore, it gets strengthened when you’re caring for a child. 

Since I am currently in the weeds and have a newborn in the home, I will be using him as my example. But know that this applies to any type of caregiving. 

Topics Covered: 

Understanding Intuitive Caregiving: 

  • Recognizing the need to rely on heightened senses when caring for non-verbal beings. 

  • How intuition acts as a sixth sense in caregiving. 

Personal Experiences: 

  • Using my newborn as an example to illustrate intuitive caregiving. 

  • Example of knowing what my baby needs without direct communication. 

  • Husband’s intuitive connection with our dog Joey. 

Skeptics' View vs. Intuition: 

  • Addressing the skeptic’s argument of process of elimination. 

  • Counter-argument: The undeniable gut feeling that leads to knowing a child’s needs. 

Connecting with Spirit: 

  • Parallels between intuitive caregiving and connecting with spirit. 

  • The importance of trusting your gut feeling and inner knowing. 

The Importance of Trusting Intuition: 

  • Discussing the importance of acting on intuitive whispers without second-guessing. 

  • Comparing the immediate action taken in caregiving to responding to spirit guide messages. 

Intuitive Exercises: 

  • Encouragement to reflect on how intuition feels in the body and mind. 

  • Exercises to strengthen trust in one’s intuition in both caregiving and personal guidance. 

I hope you find this episode insightful and empowering, whether you’re a parent, a pet parent, or a caretaker of any kind. Trusting your intuition can make a significant difference in how you connect with and care for those you love. 


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