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8. The Most Powerful Intuitive Ability

This week, I dive into how to recognize if the powerful yet elusive ability of clairgonizance is your strength and how to nurture it if it isn't already. With insights into activating your intuition and connecting with your spirit guides, this episode is a treasure trove for those looking to deepen their spiritual practice.  


I discuss:  

  • Understanding Claircognizance: The essence and power of clear knowing. 

  • Identifying Your Claircognizant Strength: Signs that claircognizance might be your intuitive forte. 

  • Cultivating Claircognizance: Practical tips for developing this ability. 

  • Balancing Intuitive Abilities: Integrating claircognizance with other clairs. 

  • Trust and Claircognizance: Learning to trust this form of intuitive insight. 

  • Enhancing Claircognizance: Techniques like automatic writing to strengthen this skill. 


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