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3. Channeling 101: How to Reactivate Your Intuitive Abilities and Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Updated: Mar 9

In this captivating episode, I dive into the essence of forging a deep connection with the spiritual realm by setting clear intentions and embracing a practice of mindfulness and bodily awareness. This guide offers a pathway to reactivating and trusting one's spiritual gifts, to open communication with and channel clear messages from your own spirit guides.

I discuss:

  • The power of setting an intention.

  • Creating a sacred space to connect with your spirit guides.

  • The formula for connecting with your spirit guides.

  • Asking your guides to reactivate and strengthen your gifts – seeing, hearing, feeling, etc.

  • Feeling your guides- look for physical sensations or emotions that come up.

  • What to ask your spirit guides.

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