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Welcome to Activation Intuition Podcast

Updated: Feb 5

Welcome to the "Intuition Activation" podcast, where your host, Jessica, a spiritual medium and intuitive coach, embarks on a journey with you to unlock the full potential of your intuition. Jessica's passion lies in showcasing the exceptional power within you, illustrating that by reconnecting with your intuition, anything becomes possible.  

This podcast is a beacon for those awakening to their spiritual essence, realizing there's more to existence than daily routines, and seeking to align with their true purpose. Through her personal journey and years of experience as a spiritual medium, Jessica offers comfort and guidance to those navigating their spiritual awakening, emphasizing that you are not alone in this transformative process. Expect to explore practical ways to enhance your intuitive gifts, understand the role of spirit guides, dive into the spirit world, and hear about Jessica's profound experiences in channeling. This podcast promises to be a key to unlocking your path and purpose, enriched with activating meditations and messages from the spirit guides. Join us on this exciting adventure into the world of spirituality, where we discover together the magic and truth waiting to be revealed. 



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