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With so much love & light,
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Hello dear friend, 


My name is Jessica and I'm an intuitive spiritual medium. I  love to channel and communicate with all of the beautiful beings of light who dwell in the spiritual realms. I am here to help you receive divine guidance from your spirit guides so that you can start living your life's true purpose. 


Before becoming a full-time medium, I was following a very different path working as as an elementary school French teacher. While I loved working with children, something inside me just knew that this job was not for me.  I battled for years with anxiety and the stresses that come with working in the public school system and continued to ignore my gut instincts that were telling me to make a change and leave. 

Eventually, my spirit guides gave me no choice but to leave my job. In the span of two weeks, I was in a terrible car accident followed by a ski accident. I was forced to take 6 months off to recover from my injuries. Fortunately, during this time I began to meditate. I met my spirit guides in a guided meditation and soon developed a passion for all things spirituality and an unquenchable thirst to strengthen my intuitive abilities. 


With the help of a few mentors and a bit of practice, I was soon able to channel messages from spirit guides and connect to loved ones from the other side. 


It was at this time that I discovered my true life's mission: To help others discover their true path and purpose in life. I am obsessed with teaching others how to communicate with their own spirit guides. I strongly believe that everyone is born with intuitive gifts and if I was able to tap into them so can you! Let me help you see the magic of connecting with spirit so that you too can begin to receive guidance and find your way back to your true life's purpose. 

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