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What does a one-on-one session with you look like?

Each session begins with a short guided meditation (10-15 minutes) to help both the client and myself relax and be ready to receive. Then you will hear me call on your spirit guides and so they know that I am ready to begin communicating with them. Then I allow each of your spirit guides to come forward one at a time to share messages with you and answer any questions that you have about your life.


What am I allowed to ask my spirit guides?

You can ask your spirit guides for advice on how to navigate anything you are going through in your life at this moment. I encourage you to ask about your true path and purpose in this life and your career. We can also touch upon your health and any relationships you are currently navigating.  


Can you predict the future? 

No. We live on the planet of free will and everything is subject to change based on the decisions that we make. All I can do is provide messages about how to navigate situations coming up for you in the present. 


What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are source/g-d/universal energy. They are assigned to you at birth and walk with you through your entire life. Their purpose is to always send you messages, love and support to help guide you back to your truest self so that you can fulfill your purpose in this life. Spirit guides can look like a whole host of creatures from angels to fairies, trolls, aliens and people.


Are my loved ones who have passed away my Spirit Guides?

Not usually. When relatives pass away they can still watch over you and send you messages of love and support. However, your Spirit Guides are assigned to you from the moment you are born and walk with you throughout your entire life. Their sole purpose is to guide you through this lifetime and they often don’t look quite human.


Can we connect with my passed away relatives in our session? 

While I do have psychic medium abilities, connecting with loved ones is not a typical part of my practice. I prefer to focus on your spirit guides and provide messages of love and healing so that you can move forward in your own life and take steps toward your true mission in this life. 

Still have questions?

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