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Think you might be intuitive? Maybe you get some signs and random downloads but you feel like you have no control over when or how these messages come through. You know that there are beautiful beings of light out there to support you and you just wish you could connect to them on your own and more importantly whenever you want. Well, the good news is you absolutely can and it’s not as hard as you think.  

Welcome to the Intuition Activation podcast. I’m Jessica Rachel a spiritual medium and intuitive coach. Join me each week as I share with you easy and practical ways to reactivate and strengthen your intuitive abilities. This is the place where we will dive into all of the spiritual realms and receive some channeled messages from spirit along the way. If you’re feeling called to connect more deeply with your intuition then this is your sign to get started today. 

Because once you activate your intuition ANYTHING is possible.  


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