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11. Clairsentience: How Your Body Receives Messages From Spirit

In this episode of the Intuition Activation podcast, I explore Clairsentience, or "clear feeling," a psychic ability that manifests through physical sensations, often recognized as gut feelings.

I discuss how individuals may experience spontaneous reactions, such as tingles down the spine or a gut reaction, which can signal deep truths. For those curious about whether Clairsentience is their dominant intuitive gift, signs include a love for physical touch, sensitivity to environmental changes, and a gravitational pull towards hands-on healing or energy work.

I dive into methods to enhance this gift, like the "Yes and No exercise" to build trust in these sensations and practices like ancestral clearing that link physical symptoms with emotional insights.

To harness this intuitive power, I recommend starting with small, trusting steps towards recognizing and interpreting these signals, emphasizing that our bodies often know more than we consciously realize and can lead to profound personal revelations.

This episode not only illuminates the capabilities of Clairsentience but also provides practical advice for developing this intuitive understanding.



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