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13. From Actress/ Model to Full Time Intuitive and Energy Healer with Indra Kelly

This week, I am thrilled to bring you my first live interview with a very special guest, Indra Kelly, a former actress/model turned full time intuitive and energy healer.


We discussed: 

  • Indra's Transformation: Discussion on how Indra transitioned to a full-time energy healing business and the development of her intuitive abilities, including the ability to channel spirit guides and loved ones. 

  • Joining the Team: Exciting news about Indra joining my team to offer spiritual guidance sessions starting in this month of May during my maternity leave and continuing thereafter. 

  • Booking Sessions: I encourage you to book a session with Indra, especially if you are seeking guidance before my return at the end of July. You will continue to receive the same quality of support and insight as my own sessions, plus the added benefit of her beautiful healing energy. 



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