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7. Are You an Earth Angel? How to Know if Your Soul Hails From the Angelic Realm

This week, we're pausing our usual discussions on intuitive development and the various "clairs" or intuitive senses, to dive into a topic that's been significantly present in my thoughts and in the lives of many clients—or rather, their children. I'm excited to share my insights on the Angels that live among us, a theme that's not only fascinating but also deeply moving and transformative. 

I discuss: 

  • The distinction between angels and spirit guides. 

  • Earth angels' unique soul paths. 

  • Identifying signs of being an earth angel. 

  • The challenges earth angels face. 

  • Earth angels' purpose as natural healers. 

  • The emergence of "angel babies" in recent years. 

This episode serves as a gentle reminder to all earth angels and those raising them: You are fulfilling your purpose simply by being here, sharing your light. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Give yourself permission to let go of societal pressures and embrace the knowledge that your presence is not just welcome but essential. You are enough, just as you are. 


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